Sohrab Goth Gai Mandi 2013


Because of rise in popularity of our so called Sohrab Goth Gai Mandi we decided to feature a short review here on our website.

Located at near Sohrab Goth Super Highway, the place is not only just an ordinary cattle farm but also have become a huge arena of fun and entertainment. Lots of Karachites come every year from large distance¬†before Eid-ul-Adha to visit Gai Mandi. Vendors of beautiful cattles give exceptional names to their models such as Dabang, Heera, Kalia, Rani, Tiger etc., models aren’t they?

What you can have in Sohrab Goth Gai Mandi

Well, if you are not looking to buy a “Janwar” (cattle) you can simply enjoy the noisy but the fascinating¬†crowd of Karachites. Most importantlydon’t forget to take a snapshot camera with yourself, taking photos of outstanding cattles out there it is the activity people do the most while appreciating the Gai Mandi. The event continues till the 3rd day of Eid-ul-Adha.

Parking area is also available for private vehicles though you would be lucky if found. Don’t forget to share your experience and thoughts regarding the place in comment section below. We have also featured photos of top 10 cattles of Sohrab Goth Gai Mandi for your excitement.

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